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Hey, I'm Anita!
Financial Advisor

Kia Ora, I'm Anita, a qualified Financial Adviser CFPcm, CLUcm - since 2010, and work in the wealth, retirement planning and risk space. I am happily married with three grown children and live in a coastal community which is near wineries and bike trails.

Now life can throw us curveballs and for me it was our oldest child having severe developmental delays, and knowing she will never live life to full independence as we all know it.

I have been in sales most of my working life and in my early 40s, I chose to upskill and educate myself over a period of 5 years doing distance training, whilst running a household, being a full-time carer- parent, spouse, taxi driver to our younger children and keeping it all together.

My profession allows me to see how a sum of money can help or hinder our existence. How much is enough and what if we don't have enough? What I have discovered is that we all need income from a source to provide just enough for our staple needs; and sometimes our health, mind, or our physical bodies just won't allow us to continue to work.

Where does wealth come from? Simply put - it is from Shares, Fixed Income, or Property. You need enough financial assets to derive an income to live off, and yes in some countries there is a pension but not always. So if we can have an ongoing income source for the rest of life then surely that is a good thing, and to be able to help others too by paying it forward is even better.

I'm here to help you create the lifestyle you desire!





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